Rolling mill needs a home

Dear Orchidians, I have a Cavallin 100mm, direct drive type,
combination mill which I’ve recently replaced with a newer and larger
unit. It is about 25 years old. I recently unpacked it from 10 years
of storage and found that somewhere during that period, moisture had
gotten into the plastic bag and past the anti-rust spray. After
cleaning it up, I have ascertained that the rollers will no longer be
suitable for producing mirror perfect sheet or wire. The rollers are
not pitted; they are blemished over most of the surfaces. Sheet and
wire stock comes out imprinted with a very shallow image of the
blemishes. This has not been much of a problem in my own work, since
in fabricating my pieces, I usually end up re-working the surfaces of
the metal anyway. Aside from some cosmetic dings that you would
expect on a mill that has seen daily use, this mill is completely
functional in all other respects. This mill would be ideal for
someone who does roll printing. The most current equivalent model is
the LF-100 on page 280 of Gesswein’s catalog, however my mill does
not have the half-round roller outside the frame. It comes with two
handles. If you mount it on a mill stand, one goes on each side. I
would like to find it a new home. Please e-mail inquiries off the
list. Include a phone number and a time of day that would be best for
me to call.

Ken Weston