Rolling mill mount

I’m about to order a mount for one of these. Does anyone have any
input regarding how tall it should be? Like… where on the users
body does the center of the spindle end up?

Best Regards,

Height of the Rolling Mill stand depends on the Operator’s height
and the height of the Mill. Establish the height that you will be
comfortable with.

I make the entire stand out of a steel 4" C Channel. ( standard
construction material). You will have to find a welder & use the
Press to do the job. I buy the entire length of the 4" channel
usually 12 feet as it works out to be cheaper.

If the base is wide and or the place for the holes is a problem I
normally use a 1/2" aluminum adapter plate.

Standard design has 5 pieces. Upright- 2 Channels as upright cut to
desired length. Top - 1 short piece saddled across the uprights
Welded & drilled for the Mill or the adapter plate Base - 2 pieces
to desired length and drilled.

Adapter plate optional depending on size of mill.

This can be done at you local steel vendor check you yellow pages.
Normally they have the welding & drilling servies available.

It costs me under $100