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Rolling gold filled wire

Happy new year all!

I have a client who asked me to remake a necklace I fabricate in
Gold instead of silver. The gold is way too expensive and I am open
to using gold filled wire but it doesn’t come in the shape I need
(flattened round 12 gauge .045inch x .105inches). I am open to using
a rolling mill to flatten the wire but I’m not sure the gold layer
would surivive the rolling process. I have made this wire in silver
with a mill and I had to anneal 2 to 3 times. If Anyone has any ideas
on where to purchase wire like this (rectangle would be fine also) I
would really appreciate it. I would also appreciate any thought as to
whether the gold layer would survive the rolling process.

Thanks so much

Hi Cindy, I have cold forged g. F. wire with great success. I think
you could aneal it with a good coating of boric acid and alcohol and
get good results. The 1/20 th 12k g.filled wire layer is very
durable. You cannot file the surface. You can tumble and buff

Good luck,
Barb. Kennedy

Have you tried checking with Metalliferous? ( I
think they offer gold filled in almost as many shapes as they have
Sterling and Argentium. They have such a huge variety of items, they
may just have what you need, and you can download their entire
catalog from their web site