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Rolling down Silver

Hi all I have a dilemma I hope someone can help me with. I have some
sterling stock that I had special ordered in round wire 10mm
diameter for a particular project. Well that project fell through
and I now have a rather large piece of metal that I need to be
rolled down to a more useable 4mm square stock. I contacted the
company I purchased it from to see if they could do it but they said
that the problem was that once the pieces are sent out they are
considered contaminated. So, to cut to the chase I need to know if
someone knows of a place where I could get this rolled down. I live
in British Columbia, Canada and so I would prefer something close or
at least in Canada. Thanks in advance Brigid Ryder Longtime Lurker,
Occasional Poster!


If it is not alot of material, it may be much much cheaper to use it
for another project that requires that size wire and just order what
it is that you do need. What with the postage and milling charge,
you could buy more metal instead.