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Roll Printing

I know that a lot of us do roll printing. I have done some, but it is not a regular part of my operation. Since I am in the process of learning to engrave, I wondered if I could engrave a design in a piece of mild sheet steel and then use this to roll print the design on soft metal. Keep in mind that the engraving is a negative image and it will print a positive. I tried it with a small flower design and it worked very well, at least until I tried to polish with the same vigor that I always polish and the design disappeared in one spot. I did learn enough to know that it works. Just wondering if others also do this and what their experience is…Rob

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Works great. I do that often. Usually carving a hard brass or mild steel printing “plate” negative with burs.

Andy…Attached should be a picture of the printed flower on the left and engraved plate on the right. The actual roll print is about .5" in diameter, so the picture is very close…Rob

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Hi Rob,

wow, that looks amazing!


Progress Julie, I wouldn’t call it amazing. Take a look at Steve Lindsay’s website to see amazing. Thanks…Rob

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Rob you can engrave and then use it for printing… you can also etch the steel as well as do photo etching if you want… I find photo etching lightly then touching up with the engraver saves my elbow a lot of stress…


Etching is on my list of things to try. Great idea to tune it up with engraving. Thanks…Rob

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