Rolex Watch Parts

Hello all. I’m trying to help a neighbor. He’s the youngest 75
year old man I’ve ever met and he supplements his income by
repairing Rolex watches. Apparently about 7-8 years ago, Rolex
decided to cut out the middle man and now all Rolex watch repair
parts must be purchased directly from Rolex. This has worked fine
for my neighbor until now. Apparently Rolex has decided to take an
ax to all the “little people” and deal only with large companies.
So now my neighbor has lost his Rolex parts and a substantial source
of income. Does anyone know anything about this or have any ideas
as to how this man could acquire Rolex parts (legally)? I don’t
know what I’d do without the wise counsel of my fellow Orchidians.
Thanks in advance for helping my friend. Christine

He can get approved to purchase parts from Rolex but there is a very
rigid qualification process he would have to go through.

I have a AWA Certified Master Watchmaker that does my work who had
to requalify and even had to send pictures of his shop and equipment.
Then had to buy an additional machine (amplitude meter to the tune
of $3000.00) to be approved.

This is a 3rd generation watchmaker with 60 years experience who
does repeaters, complicated and even Atmos Clocks for fun.

This man could teach Rolex a thing or two!!!

Good luck to your friend

Jeff Dunnington

E-bay might be a good source for this kind of thing. I’ve
certainly seen parts for different makes of watches for sale
there, as well as watches themselves. So doing regular
searches on might be one possible option. Good luck to
your friend. Greeting also to the list. I’m just a beginner in
jewellery making (based in Scotland) but have enjoyed keeping
up with all the news on Orchid & have learned a good deal even
in the short time I’ve been subscribed. Eileen.


The only legal way to obtain Rolex spares at the present time is to
wait in the queue for 12-24 months for a Rolex theory and practical
assessment day and if you pass the tests they will train you free of
charge for 7 days which will then allow you to buy Rolex spares
usually via a third party which is often a Rolex agent. In the UK
via the British Horological Institute.

Alan Lewis