Rock shops in Oregon shops

Hi folks, I am heading to Oregon in Feb and wanted to know of any
rock shops or mining areas I could visit for some cabbing material.
Happy New Year to all !! Helen in Ct.

I am heading to Oregon in Feb and wanted to know of any rock shops
or mining areas I could visit for some cabbing material. 

Check out Dust Devil Mining for gorgeous sunstone:

Beth Rosengard

Helen, What part of Oregon? I’m in Central Oregon, Sisters to be
exact. There are many places around here. There is Richardsons Rock
Ranch near Madras, Dig your own site. There are many places to dig

this site “used” to be free to see the maps. But look around you may
find some good info.

Then if you are up along the gorge…You can go to Dolph’s in Rufus
east of biggs on the “old” highway, This was an amazing shop the last
time I went, Mr Dolph has passed but I hear is son is running it.
This man collected Priday Plume Agates his whole life (long one) and
lots of other wonderful items. If you make it that far make sure to
go to the Mary Hill Museum on the washington side of Biggs,

Also Sunstone digging in South Central Oregon. And If you want to see
a wonderful store. Try “The Jewel” in Sisters. I work there!

Have fun,

Hi Helen,

If you go nowhere else try Richardsons Ranch on the outskirts of
Madras, Oregon if you have the time. They have more of the different
rocks native to Oregon than any other Rock shop I have found (it
seems anyway!).


Hi Helen…I live in a small town in Northern Calif…just over the
Oregon border…I have a large rock collection I just
purchased…lots of slabs…and rough…if you want to make an
appointment you could stop by here…Rich


Bring the chains for your car, Helen, and head to Madras and
Richardson’s Ranch. Ask in town how to get there. They have digs in
the summer, but not sure about the middle of winter. Pretty cold over
there! If no digs, the shop is worth the visit and Mr. Richardson is

Also, in Prineville, Elkins’ Rocks and Gems. Judy runs her late
dad’s shop well! Has great jasper slabs, the picture variety.

You are headed to one of the richest mineral areas in the US. Do a
little more research, i.e. Owyhee River Canyon for all kinds of
Jaspers (probably covered w/ a good blanket of snow), Opal Butte
opals from West Coast Mining, mostly in central and eastern Oregon.

If you’re a skiier take a few days at Mt. Bachelor about 45 min.
from Bend.

Bend is a great town. It has grown by leaps and bounds, but still a
great historical Old Town. (Madras is about 45 min. no. of Bend).

Have great fun.

Added note: be sure to check the sunstone mining claims’ policies
before trekking all of the way out there. Some allow free mining,
with a fee for your finds. Others charge to mine and will remove the
best of your finds for their own coffers, then charge for the rest.

Kay Taylor