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Rock Hounding in Door County


I have a friend heading up to Door County Wisconsin this weekend and
she loves to go fossil and/or gem hunting. She isn’t a jeweler, just
a casual collector.

Does anyone have any ideas for her on where she might go?

Many Thanks,
Karen (who will be at a show in Oakbrook IL this weekend)

Not knowing which way she is coming from a great place to visit
isn’t outdoors but indoors. If she is going near Cedarburg Wi. she
should stop at the Gem Shop it is a rock shop filling with lots of
interesting rough, slabs and just about anything to do with rocks.


Lucky friend! I have such fond memories of our 1970’s summer family
vacations in Door County as a kid. I don’t recall what there is to
hunt for up there other than the smooth rounded black rocks we used
to collect oodles of along the beaches. We painted some of them to
look like lady beetles, a popular craft up there at the time, and of
course Pet Rocks! (remember those? LOL) There are 2 islands just off
the tip of the peninsula that you get to by ferry. The first is
Washington Island and the second is, ROCK Island :slight_smile: So small that
there are no cars allowed up there and you can see all of it on foot.

But I’d be willing to bet you can still find plenty of those
likeable smooth black stones lying around. Petosky stone is a type of
fossil coral found in Michigan, not sure if those would be anywhere
around Door County but maybe she can keep an eye peeled just in