Rocio Heredia at Metalwerx

Hello Orchdians! Rocio Heredia has been here for only two weeks, and
already she is making her first band ring in silver, has learned the
process of keum boo and crocheting with wire. What I have always
dreamed in my new studio is becoming a reality. My studiomates show
up at Metalwerx, go to their benches, and begin on their projects.
One sees what the other is doing, and the sharing of techniques,
inspirations, doodles and construction begins. I sit near the
soldering bench in my new studio/office (it is sublime) and hear the
squeals “How do you do that? Can you show me?”. I sigh and smile
and am so happy to hear the wheels of collaboration.

I look outside my studio and see Rocio, smiling and working on her
art. Her drawings are hanging on the wall, with samples of repousse
and two castor plant pods she collected during her first trip to the

To have this opportunity to host Rocio, is as much of a delight for
me as it is for her.

Thought you would all like the update. I’ll keep you posted. There
should be pix on the website soon.

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