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Robin Hepburn - Jewelry Gallery


Orion Jewelry Studio llc
Pennington, New Jersey. USA

I have been making jewelry for more than 35 years,gems and jewelry making are my passion. I have had an eclectic mixture of education and work experiences,and at this point in my life I appreciate the duality of my life and art becoming finer and simpler. I'm happy with a pencil,torch or hammer in my hands.

Materials: 18k Gold and Pearls Dimensions: 16 inches x 1.5 inches

Roller Printed sheets of 18k gold and tubing to string together with assorted natural shaped pearls.

Photo credit: Azad


Opal Earrings

Materials: Boulder Opals, Pink Sapphires and 14k Gold
Dimensions: 50mm x 20mm

Roller Printed 14k Gold Post earrings with drop of Pink Sapphire and bezel set boulder Opal.

Photo credit: Azad


For the Love of my Bankfish

Materials: 14k White and Yellow Gold, Pearl and Celestobarite
Dimensions: 80mmx 40mm

Abstract Brooch of gold with Celestobarite cabochon and cultured Pearl

Photo credit: Azad


Revel in the Sun

Materials: Green Beryl and 18k Gold
Dimensions: 40mm x 40mm

Show casing a Ukrainian Laser cut Green Beryl 6.15ct. and a White Diamond .25ct. Set in 18k Gold. Created in 2013.

Photo credit: Robin Hepburn



Materials: 22k Gold, Diamonds and Blackened Sterling Silver
Dimensions: 60mm x 15mm

Hand poured,forged and rolled 22k gold. Shaped into leaves with a dangle of Blackened Sterling, gold accents and diamonds.Created in 2013

Photo credit: Robin Hepburn


La Mia Stella Cadente

Materials: Green Diamond,Aquamarine,White Diamonds and 14k Gold
Dimensions: 50mm x 30mm

A celebration of the life of Italian Moto GP rider Marco Simoncelli. Created in 2011.

Photo credit: Robin Hepburn