Robert Wooding's Workshop

HI fellow orchidians, I’m so excited because I will be going to Robert
Wooding’s stone setting workshop in Kentucky. I’m leaving sunday and
will be traveling to a part of the country I’ve never seen. My son is
attending with me and I think it is wonderful for him to recieve
instruction from Robert so early in his learning process. I’ve been
mostly self taught through books and trial and error so I am looking
forward to the fine tuning I will get. Just had to share!! Why has
orchid been so quiet the last few days - did I miss something? The
highlight of my day is reading the orchid mail. See you when I return a far better jeweler!
Patty in MO.

Patty–Give us a run down on Robert Wooding’s Workshop when you
return. I would like to know more about Robert Wooding and his
classes. I am not farmilar with his name or his courses but I do have
family in Ky. and maybe can tie a visit and work shop together. (My
favorite vacations----workshops!) Dolores

Robert Wooding has a series of books on diamond setting, and videos
as well I believe. One title in particular is “Diamond Setting,
the Professional Approach” ISBN 0-9613545-1-8 .

HI Orchid, I’m finally rested after my trip to Robert’s workshop. It
was great fun and he is a great teacher. He has a way of making you
realize you can do anything. My son, a total beginner, came away with
confidence and knowlege to be very good. He wants all of the stone
setting jobs that come in now and I will feel good about giving him
the work to try. I was self taught by reading Robert’s first book with
several years experience. I never knew if I was doing things right or
not and to be able to see him and then go and repeat it right away was
great. I learned to do things that I was afraid to attempt before and
I sharpened the skills I already had. He indicated to me that he was
willing to work with you to improve areas that you knew you wanted. I
want to take his advanced classes as soon as I can manage another
trip. He teaches at the Stewart school in Jupiter, FL.for the
advanced classes. His and email is at It is in Kentucky right next to Cincinnati, a
very beautiful place to visit. Patty on MO.