Robert Wiegand's Benches

Hello All, I have been a lurker here For so many years I forget now just how many. So when the opportunity presented , with all the wonderful changes here I thought my first post would be to show you all my interesting mess. I do have space but if I could change it up I would have my benches all in the same room , a separate room for casting and wax work , and not shown in the shots are my machine shop that is in another separate room with mid size lathe, milling machine, drop cutoff saw , emco lathe and a micro mill being converted to cnc now. So many things from Rio, Canada is terrible for fair priced supplies and my favorite is the Orion 100c pulse arc welder that I have had for a year now see: Orion 100c Pulse-Arc Welding System - RioGrande. As for things I need … would be a really nice set of hammers and a few stakes as well as an anvil. So here are some shots around the shop!

Please excuse my organized mess , and Thanks all for sharing all you do to our wonderful community. Being disabled and house bound for the last 6 years, I really love receiving the digest … keeps me going and inspired with a feeling of connection, So glad the terrible bickering stopped. Sorry I don’t post and this is the first but I’m not much of a talker … best to you all!


Nice faceting setup!! :slight_smile: Very cool.

We love that you love your Orion 100c. It is a great machine! Let us know if you ever have questions. Cheers!

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Nice set up:)

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Great set up,
Would you be willing to show some of your work?
You don’t have to write😎

Thanks for the interest maybe. I will be reshooting the few pieces I have now for a craft gallery soon. The shots will be used for a web site also. Hopefully this will be done in the next month. I’ll keep you informed. Your shop is very nice you must do everything.are you on bike forum? I see we both share the love of bikes. The fans are nice to check out sundial wire for your cord replacements.
Sincerely R SY

Looking forward to the pictures.
I’m on Bike XF.
I used to build , still modify & ride, mostly mountain & trail. I gave up road riding with the demise of several close friends. Our area was never designed for the traffic flow we now have, street riding is a real gamble.
( need a bike?..)

Hello Jim,

Sorry to take so long to reply. I was involved in a car accident 4 days before Christmas and have been recovering and seeing doctors ever since. I will take a look at what I have for pictures and post some up. BTW I’m a former diver and Mel was one of those that inspired me to dive… I followed his sadness and jubilations closely. I just love your work with the relics, superb.

No fun and lousy timing. I wish you well on the mending process.
Thanks for thinking about the pictures, in time, heal first.
Yes, Mel was an inspiration, among other things, quite a character, and always true to form.
I’m working with the family again , third generation now, so there will be more to come on the dive project in the future.
Get well and thanks for checking in

From another lurking on the site - Thank you for posting!