Robbery Execution

Hi Eric

I am a contract jeweler and I love to make Jewelry this is my
life. Hope this story will help someone who has suffered a Lost. 

I am so sorry for your loss. To have been able to go ahead with your
life and find some meaning in what happened to you and your son
makes you one of the strongest people I have ever heard of.

Worrying all the time about not being able to get into a show,
making a beginner’s mistake (another thread), or what creations
should look like next year, styles, sales, production etc blah, blah,
blah. It all seems so trivial when we look at the big picture of
things and what should really be important. This morning, things got
crazy in my house for a little while. Everybody was so much in a
tizzy because my sons were going to miss the bus. How silly is that?
Yesterday was my older son’s birthday and what he really wanted to do
was play with some of his new toys and books. When it comes down to
it, I could just drive him.

You have reminded me that I am getting off track and thanks for

My best wishes for you for your continued strength and may better
days be ahead for you. Your son is very fortunate to have such a
caring father, one who knows what’s important.