Road Trip Job Search

I will be embarking on a cross-country trip through Dallas TX,
Lafayette LA, Jackson MS, Desoto MS, Chattanooga TN and then perhaps
Atlanta GA.

The purpose of this trip is visiting with jewelers and storeowners
to find a place to work and live comfortably for the remainder of my

My ideal employment would be working under an independent
Jeweler/Designer Owner/Proprietor whose business is already doing
well but wish they had a clone. While I can not be you, I can be an
extension of your hands. At this point in my career I would rather
devote my energy to my craft and day to day operations than the
headaches of ownership.

If you are looking for someone who can help you:

  • Sell repairs and custom jewelry work.
  • Do bench work and stone setting.
  • Use computers as well as repair them.

I’d like to schedule an interview with you.

This is also my vacation. I have no set itinerary or time schedule.
If you’d like me to visit and are in a state surrounding Mississippi,
in GA, SC or Northern FL, please contact me if only to talk shop
over a glass of iced tea.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to look at the enclosed

J. Gaelen Rose
Cell (601) 519-2720