Riveting wire links gauge

What is a good gauge of wire if I am going to rivet links rather
than solder them?

Thank you

Are you asking about the gauge of the links or the gauge of the

Really, you can rivet any thickness of wire, you just have to choose
the proper thickness of rivet for that wire. There comes a point
where the links may be too thin for readily available drills to open
the holes for the rivets, so that’s your lower limit. Talk to a local
armorer for guidance; the best mail uses rivetted links.

Elliot Nesterman

Rivet diameter will dependon thickness and design of the link. You
will have to be able to drill a hole through the link while leaving
sufficient metal around the hole to maintain the strength of the
link. When you know the size of the drill, you will know the
diameter of the rivet wire.

Dick D.