Riveting tool

I made a simple tool to help with my riveting.

I put up a few pictures up on my web

Check out


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Check out http://www.ganoksin.com/gnkurl/ep81s3 

Hans- Thanks or posting this. I tend to have trouble with rivets,
and a tool might help.

I sometimes wish there was a like button here on Orchid, this is one
of those times. Great idea!

Hans, you’re great. now how do we get one? I know if I spent some
time to make one I would eventually do it. But at my age, This old
tool hoarder would just as soon buy one. Hint hint hint, maybe others
would be interested as well.

I have done something similar by taking a large beading tool and
putting itinto my shop vise. It works but it is a pain to have to
move everything from my bench to the worktable with the vise. This
is so much better! I will definitely making a set of these to use.
Thank you for sharing this.

Gerald A. Livings
Livingston Jewelers

Fabulous, Hans. I can see so many uses for something like this

Hi Hans,

I did something similar, but rigged it up so it had a top punch too.

Get one of the old watch staking tool sets, and modify the bottom to
hold an overgrown beading tool, as per your design, then use the
overarm to guide another one in from the top.

There are enough old staking tool sets floating around out there
that they’re not too expensive. So long as you don’t frankenstein a
good one, there’s no karmic debt to it.