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Rio's Super Mini Magnetic Finisher


Various models of mini magnetic finishers at prices of $140-$200 are
now available (or else I’m just now noticing them). Until now, prices
of magnetic finishers have been out of my range. Has anyone tried one
of the mini models? Their capacity is 4 rings at a time, and they
won’t accommodate cuffs. But for my one-off rings, pendants and
earrings, this could be helpful to me (especially filigree).



I have one. I do not use it very much. I was hoping it would help me
finish jewelry with less buffing. I kind of think I should have got
the rotary tumber instead for a similar price. I can fit in most
pieces of jewelry that I make, but sometimes have to turn pieces
over half way or move them around. If you leave the piece in too long
it gets a texture like the skin of an orange. I think I will give it
another try again today.

Melissa S.


As always, different products, different opinions. I have one also
and I use it daily for every repair I make. I find it most effective
if you don’t want to use it for removing firescale from casting. And
if you try real hard, it can accomodate cuffs.

Best of luck,