Rio's revere pliers

Hi all

Could any one give me some feedback on this set of “revere” pliers
that rio sell, the round nose pliers are a bit past it, the
"flat/half round" " chain nose" and “flat nose” pliers i have are
parrallel and are sometimes seem to make some task more trouble due
to the size of the pliers, so i thought i would just buy another set
plus i love to buy tools but good quality ones, so after having my
daily look through rio i saw the set of revere pliers which look like
a nice set from the picture no plastic on the handles etc just nice
and simple but the thing is they seam a bit cheap $150 for the set of
4, when you look at swanstrom etc most places have the pliers priced
at around $40 each so i would be greatful to hear any comments from
any of you who have a set of these or who can recomend a brand

thanks for any feedback



I have seen those Revere Pliers, and I think there was a review on
them in the last Art Jewelry issue. I have Swanstroms. They were
pricey but I love them! I’ve had them for five years and they still
work perfectly. I do a lot of wire work using different gauge sizes
and have not had any problems with them. I love that the handles are

I also own a pair of Lindstroms Ergos. They are ok but I think since
I have had the Swanstroms for so long I am spoiled and I always
reach for them first.

I also have a set of Wubbers (can you get a sense for what a tool
hound I am?). They are nice and do have thick rubber foam pads on
them but the round nose jaws seem to big at the tips then I use to.
I use them when I work with heavier gauges, 16g - 10g, since they
are heftier.

I teach wire work and artisan jewelry classes so I like to have
different pliers available for use should my students not have a
pair. Also it helps them make choices on what works for them.

I will recommend the Tronex Razor Flush Cutters (See here) for
gauges 30 to 14. See the Beaducation site for more info.

If you do end up getting the Reveres’ please post so we can get your
opinion. I just might have to get a set.


I had purchased the revere pliers a few months back, i use a lot of
different makes and kinds, since certain companies have certain
designs of pliers fitting better for the jobs at hand, I was always
partial to the German pliers, price and quality have always been
right on. the linstroms are great but a bit pricey to get abused so
I always reach for the German pliers. and have a few Swiss made
pliers that are built like tanks, but cost as much too, also have the
Italian ones that are pretty unique in fit and ergonomic comfort,
most of the USA pliers I have are excellent but when I purchase
those i make sure I see/inspect the actual tool in person before
purchase. I do not like ordering pliers via mail and then having to
return them. The revere pliers I got locally, and was able to inspect
before purchase, I am extremely pleased with the quality of the metal
and the grinding job done on them, very clean and even, I was also
very impressed by the fact that I used them straight out of the box,
meaning it fit my hands real well and my work real well, no
adjustments needed. which for pliers I am used to having to tweak
them even ever so lightly. not these. they felt very comfortable in
the hand too, love the notched handles, you can really feel the
difference in moving metal/ and control, much better then pliers
with plastic coated handles. the shape of the handles are also very
well thought out, but I won’t bore you with that detail. bear in mind
that they are designed for Jewelry work and not other uses like
carpentry or auto mechanic work… the Price (30.00) is great ;
quality is excellent, I would recommend the revere pliers to anyone
looking for decent german tools.

Hratch Babikian Atelier
Hratch Babikian

I’ve used Swanstroms for almost 15 years and use a second set for
travel, leaving my main set on my table. They’re the best!

I have two sets of the “Revere” pliers and love them. I can’t imagine
working with anything else. I get a good feel for the metal because
the pliers don’t have springs or padding coming between me and the
metal. I have two sets because I wanted a second set at home and one
at my bench at the shop. When I go to workshops, one of the sets
always comes along with me. I highly recommend them.

Sandra Graves, Isis Rising