Rio's Master Etch Press

I recently attended a workshop give by Mary Ann Sheer on etching.
Per Mary Ann, the company that made the Master Etch Press stopped
making them. It was also sold under the name Gucco printer. Does
anyone know if there is a replacement on the market?

Ed Ledner

Ed, I understood that Gocco is again producing the printer. You
might google Gocco Printer for more I did that a couple
of months ago, and it seems that due to repeated requests on the part
of artists, Gocco has agreed to make the printer again. Hope you can
locate one.


the company that made the Master Etch Press stopped making them. It
was also sold under the name Gucco printer. Does anyone know if
there is a replacement on the market? 

You mean the Print Gocco. They haven’t stopped stopped making them
yet, though they will. The company says they will continue making
supplies for – I have heard two years and 5 years.

I have a blog post about the Print Gocco:

Lots of links from there for more reading.

I have one and have used it for over 10 years to print earring
cards, show cards and custom T-shirts.

Alternatives when the supplies run out:

  • there is an alternate product to make screens that can be used
    with the Print Gocco, but it’s a pain (I haven’t tried it, because it
    looks like a pain, and folks on the Print Gocco list say it’s a

  • alternate flash bulbs may work

  • if the alt. flash bulbs work, you will still be able to buy the
    screens (unmounted) from Riso in rolls, as these are used by another
    product that I believe will be continued.

More alternatives:

  • buy a used Thermofax instead, or the similar product that is still

  • wait for the digital Print Gocco to come to America (if it ever

And, for those who aren’t familiar with the “Master Etch” product,
it used/uses the “blue” resist that Rio Grande still sells.


The manufacturer’s web site, Riso Inc., does not note that the
product - the Gocco printer is no longer for sale.

In the interest of accuracy:

Here is a link to an article about the future of Print Gocco:

Here’s the text:

Riso Kagaku to Pull Plug on “Print Gocco” Home Printe

Tokyo, May 30, 2008 (Jiji Press) - Riso Kagaku Corp. said Friday
that it will discontinue shipments of its Print Gocco home-use
greeting card printer in June because increasing use of personal
computers has shrunk its demand sharply. 

Cumulative sales of the Print Gocco topped 10 million units
since its launch in September 1977. Sales of the product and
related supplies reached 15.2 billion yen in the year to March

But sales sank to less than one pct of the company's group sales
of 92.6 billion yen in the year to March 2008, as home-use PCs
and ink- jet printers have been popular since the late 1990s. 

Riso Kagaku said it will continue sales of related supplies,
such as inks, for the time being. 

The company mainly sells digital printers to schools and public
institutions and high-speed ink-jet printers to companies. 

By Jiji Press, (c) Jiji Press 

If someone still wants to buy a Print Gocco, you can still buy them
a number of places, including Paper Source, online sources, Etsy.

Here are a couple:

Where to buy:

Paper Source,
Felt Club on Etsy

There are more, I just happen to have these on hand.


Now that it is official that the Printo Gocco is no longer available
from Riso Kagaku, will the bulbs still be available?? If not, what
brands can one substitute them.

Alma Rands

Howdy All,

Just catching up on old posts and saw the thread on the Print Gocco.
I bought mine used on Ebay several years ago. I just checked and
there are plenty of listings for new setups. I have purchased the
bulbs and screens from a local art supply house in the past. Haven’t
checked with them lately to see if they still care the supplies,
maybe I should if the Gocco’s are being discontinued…