Rio's Doming resin

Just got in Rio’s Doming resin, which we tried over the weekend with
great results. So much so I would like to try other techniques such
as making pendants with inclusions, playing with colours and
pigments etc. But with so many products out there (casting resin,
Doming resin, additives and colours) its hard to know what to try

If you have info or good internet resources could you please pass
them on. I’m particularly looking for ease of use systems as I do
plan to pass on info to my customers.

Thanks folks
Chris and Kate


I happen to be in the polymer trade. I am not sure how much resin is
used in jewelry, as I am new to the trade. However, there are some
really neat polymers out there. There are polyimide resins that have
glass transition temperatures and service temperatures up to about
700 F. There are “self-healing” polymers that you can easily rejoin
if they get puncutred or damaged. There are also the color change
pigments and colroation that can be added in thin layers to produce
an interference effect that results in the color changing in the
piece depending on the angle. Just mentioning this for any artistic
interest people might have.


However, there are some really neat polymers out there. 

hi seech, do we buy these different polymers at one location??,
and what is the website?, thanks, dave

what do doming resins actually do? i bought some ICE resin it says
its a doming resin but i wont get it for another week+. do doming
resins actually magnify the image or does people just say thats what
it does because the resin(unlike other resins) doesnt shrink

Hello FYI; Rio gets all of it’s resins…colores etc. from a company
called RBC in Rhode Island; they are far more knowledgable if you
have any technical questions about any thing related to resin or
colors etc. I have used them many,many times they are great.

Godd luck…Frank

do doming resins actually magnify the image 

Not particularly, but it cures in a domed shape instead of flat.
Easy to measure, use. I like it.


Hello Seech, Are any of these products available in the small
quantities a jeweler would use

Ok, it was not the glue. It seems to be that my metal is not clean
enough. I think I am having a chemical reaction with the metal, or
what is on the metal, and the resin.

What are your processes in preparing the metal before glueing and

Thank you for your help.
Kirsten Reynolds