Rio's Catalog in motion

Tucson is a wonderful experience for this industry, thank you all
for coming to visit me every year.

I wanted to tell anyone who has not been here what Rio’s Catalog In
Motion means to me. I will never use one supplier, I have too many
friends in too many specialized areas to latch onto one supplier. I
understand that every company has a culture but, Rio Grande’s
culture is amazing to me. I know that no company can afford for very
long to have a selfish culture but that all company cultures are and
have to be to the benefit of that company. Rio Grande seems to go
out of their way to be generous. Rio’s support of Ganoksin is beyond
the right now that most companies have to, as a matter of self
preservation, adopt. It is far thinking. Rio’s development of the
Catalog in Motion is also sharing beyond what their immediate gain
must be.

I have attended Blaine Lewis’ seminars twice this year, Blaine is
also one of those who is generous with his talents beyond what is
expected from any business. I plan to attend Kate Wolfes’ seminar
and Kate is also a very generous teacher. I have so many friends
from the Orchid forum who are willing to give of their talents I
feel bad for trades or industries who cannot share the way Orchid
and Rio do.

Sorry to get all mushy about those mentioned but, the sentiment is
real. I look forward to the CLASP conference, I hope that I can
attend, and for those who are not familiar with CLASP then keep in
touch with Orchid and find out, it sounds like the start of
something completely different ;a mix of the trade, art and industry
I enjoy so much.

Sam Patania, Tucson