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Rio Wax Injector & Yasui Wax Injector

I am clearing my stock of consumables & accessories of Rio Wax Injector & Yasui Wax Injector.
Let me know if interested.

Could you tell me more about the wax injectors, model # and price?


Yasui Wax Injector
Model : Vwi & Dvwi

Rio Wax Injector
Model : 0663C from W & W Co.

Can you tell me what price you are asking and if shipping is available? Are these air pressure injectors?

Let me clear that I have consumables & accessories of the said injectors which I would give away at clearance price.
You may revisit my first post on this topic.

Yes…this consumables & accessories are of air pressure injector.

Sorry! I thought you were selling the injectors! Good luck.