Rio vac-u-form

Hi all, I wrote awhile back about wanting to use plastics in jewelry.
Several people were kind enough to point me in the right direction.
Now I have a new question. I’m looking at the vac-u-form in the rio
catalog. Has anyone used this machine before? If so, is it easy to
work with? Would it be more economical to use this machine or have
someone cast plastics for you? Thanks yet again, A. Derenthal

I have used the vac u form machine, kinda neat, you will lose a
little detail, but I have used it for making hollow links on a
ladies chain, made the top part and soldered a base on it to
complete the link. and have used it to replicate costume jewelry.
we have 2 thickness of plastic, and for some things it is a good
tool to have.