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Rio to the Rescue!

Without going into gorey details of the stress and panic of it all,
I’d like to give a big thank you once again to Rio Grande and their
fabulous customer support after they came to my rescue. Being a
customer of theirs for many years, I very rarely have a complaint.
But this time I did, and it affected my entire production
capabilities. A product that I considered to be faulty was replaced
(at their expense) and delivered promptly to me, just as they said
it would. My production was completed on time, and I was again
impressed by their willingness to satisfy their customers by
seemingly whatever it takes. I thank Rio, especially Rebecca who
handled my frustration with a calm and respectful attitude, and
Michael who I thought sounded truly sad after we got disconnected and
I had to call back. We as jewelers with our unique needs are lucky to
have a company so dedicated to the success of our trade. Thanks Rio
for coming to my rescue, have a GREAT holiday season!


I too am always fascinated with the service from Rio Grande
employees. This last week one of the customer reps recommended to me
a part to try out for my bench grinder, helping me to convert it into
an adjustable speed polisher. I just happened to mention that my
YEAR+ old bench vise snapped in half and they sent me a new one at no
expense! They always provide GREAT customer service no matter who you
speak with, and they are always helpful.