Rio Grande's Problems

    I got a letter from Rio yesterday listing my backorders and
asking that if  I wanted to cancel any of them I could simply mark
the respective items and fax the page back.  I thought that was
pretty innovative.  I'm satisfied that Rio is on the road to

Yeah, I got that same letter and tried to fax it back to cancel but
over and over received the message “unable to make the call as
dialed, please check the number, etc…”. A friend of mine had the
same experience. I set the letter aside to sort out when I had a
more time but a couple days later I received the backordered item
that I tried to cancel. Oh well, it was just a piece of silver sheet
and I can always use it. It leads me to believe that Rio’s problems
are far from over.


I can not figure what you are doing wrong or I am doing right, but I
have done some business with Rio Grande lately and I get every order
in good time and it is complete. I have never had any problems with
them at all. I just call them and my order is taken and delivered
quickly. ? Lois Faye nelson