Rio Grande Oxygen Concentrator

Hello Everyone,

I am looking at this item at Rio:

Does anyone have any current (2023) feedback? It will be going to Mexico with me in the Fall where I am moving.

Pros/Cons all feedback welcome.

Ellen Lyons
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220 vs 110 volts and 50 vs 60 cycle power, I don’t know what they have there for power and can you get propane cylinders. Good luck…Rob

Thanks. I know I can get propane tanks. No problema. Same voltage as USA.


I am pretty sure that they include reconditioned O2 concentrators in the units that they sell or at least they did at one time. You might confirm this and start looking for a way to get them worked on once you get there. New or reconditioned, they have a lot of life in them when used the way that we use them, but just in case…Rob

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Hi Ellen,
I purchased one of these last year and I use it with a Smith Little Torch. I have no complaints—it’s worked well for me, so far.

You will need to run the concentrator for several minutes before you begin soldering. Be patient as you figure out it how much time to allow for your needs. Pressure requirements will vary depending on the torch tip you are using. Rio’s Tech Team can give you better, more detailed advice based upon the torch system you use.

Good luck with the move.


Thank you Ratchisonz
I already work with a smith little torch. It seems that at least Rio only sells the concentrator as a kit with a torch and tips. Not sure about this. Did you purchase a new concentrator or reconditioned?


I purchased a reconditioned concentrator. When I purchased my unit last year, Rio sold the reconditioned concentrators as a stand-alone or as a kit with the Smith Little Torch.

At the time, the product reviews for the stand-alone concentrator were full of questions about set-up and generally negative comments about not enough instructions on how to integrate the concentrator with their torch systems. That might explain why Rio has switched to selling this as a kit; undoubtedly they’ve added more instructions. (I found some good tutorials on YouTube and had no problems setting up, by the way.)

I find lots of oxygen concentrators on craigslist. Probably some that are good.

Make sure that it is at least a 5 lpm continuous run and not an on demand unit. Depending on the model, it may or may not have an indicator light that tells you if it is making O2. If it is, great!. Buying used can be a crap shoot, but they can always be reconditioned if you can find someone nearby to recondition it. Good luck…Rob

Hello. I don’t use a concentrator (yet) but my friend who does glass has three or four of them (she teaches). When I was asking her about it she said that once a concentrator has been used for medical use it can no longer be sold to someone in need of one for medical uses. She said she gets them on Craigs list refurbished all the time; much cheaper than that one Also she said they are much safer than the oxygen tanks she used to have. Again this is second hand information; do your research. Maybe check with glass blowing communities. Good luck. Lisa

I have that OxyCon. Works well (mine does, anyway… each one’s a reconditioned unit, so check it out thoroughly). I used to use it with propane. Now I use it with natural gas so I have no tanks at all. Great concentrator.