Rio Grande is cool

Hello all.

Living in one of the most southern cities on the planet makes it
hard sometimes to get the tools and supplies I need. We have one and
a half tool shops in our whole country. I make regular trips to Los
Angeles to buy tools because the selection and price is so much
better than what we are used to.

I have been looking for an alternative for supplies in between trips
and decided to try Rio.

Over the years I have seen good and bad reports from various people
about Rio Grande on orchid.

I have just received my second shipment. I am very happy. Both
shipments were in my hands within 72 hours which is pretty good
considering it had to come over 7500 miles and all items were exactly
as I wanted. Price and quality was good. Looking at the online
catalogue it appears their selection of gravers and burs is not the
best, they dont appear to have Vallorbe HSS graver which I use alot
of and they only have Busch burs which are twice the price of

Does anyone think Busch is twice as good as Dentsply ? I not tried
them in a while


Hi Phil,

I’m with you. I’ve used Rio Grande for years. Love them. Love their
products. Love their customer service. I’ve gotten great tech support
over the years, in addition to customer service for my orders. I even
stuck by them during the infamous “inventory software disaster” they
had a number of years ago. They recovered, as I knew they would, and
made everything right. They really stand by their products and

Btw, where is “the southern most city on the planet”? You’re not on
Antarctica somewhere are you? I’ve always wanted to ship something to
there, but have never been able to find an address or someone to send
it to. It would “complete the set” for me. I’ve shipped packages to
every other continent. Lol.

Pam East

To whoever it was who chased up Rio Grande for my missing catalogues.
I’m really sorry I can’t remember exactly who it was and couldn’t
find the email again.

I received my gems and findings and packaging and display catalogues
from Rio Grande this morning, so thanks to whoever it was who chased
it up for me and thanks Rio Grande for sending them.

Helen Hill