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Rio Grande Hot Spot


I used solder filled jump rings often and the Rio Grande Hot Spot
Machine. The problem is - solder filled jump rings can be super soft

  • is there anyway to toughen these up a bit? I like my Hot Spot
    machine because it saves me a lot of time and its great for delicate
    work but these solder filled jump rings can be a pain to deal with


Dede, I loved the recent suggestion to work-harden delicate things by
placing in a plastic zip bag, then placing in a steel shot tumbler.
Why wouldn’t that be just the thing to toughen up your solder filled
jump rings a bit ? Give it a try and let us all know. Then Hot Spot
to your heart’s content.


I too found the solder filled jump rings to be a pain. I now only
use regular jump rings and Solder Fast Silver paste solder from Rio
#503041. Works great for me. Good luck!

Debi Haldiman
San Diego, CA


I make my own solder-filled rings and after soldering just throw the
work in a rotary tumbler with stainless shot for a couple of hours.
The results are a nicely polished piece with work-hardened rings.
Works like a charm.

Carrie Otterson

Just wondering what is involved in making solder filled rings? If
you mean buying solder filled wire and just making rings as normal, I
understand. If not, perhaps a few words on the process. Thanks,

Brian Barrett