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Rio Etch Press System

Hi all, I’m wondering if any of you have used the Rio Etch
Press System and if so, what do you think of it? I’ve been
trying a variety of different etching processes and am still
searching for an easier way!!! By the way as far as quenching
in pickle, I’ve always done it and when I took a class up in
Bellevue last summer. boy, did I get yelled at! Still do it
though…what can I say.

Lisa Hawthorne

Three or four years ago, I took Mary Ann Scherr’s workshop on
etching with this product. It is an easy enough process. She
was/is very interested in safe alternatives to dangerous
materials. We etched with nitric acid but did not use dangerous
solvents or resists. The hardest part was trying to clean the
resists from the silk screen with the safe substitutes. It seemed
to me that it worked well with the type of designs that we were
using. She discusses this process in the Metals Technic book.

Marilyn Smith

Hi, Did a workshop with MaryAnn Scheer where she did a demo with
the Rio Etch Press System. It worked pretty well and she
demonstrated it several times. Not really a bad price either.
Originally used in Japan ? for home silkscreening I believe.



P.S. The Rio Etch Press IS the Gocco printing kit, except that
the printing kit comes with 5 (?) tubes of colored ink instead of
the can of resist.