Ringstock bender

I am thinking of buying either the Durston or Pepe ringstock bender.
I don’t make many rings, but finding myself often trying to bend a
curved or squared shaped by eye. I do make heavy cuff bracelets and
will occasionally need to touch up the curve in a small section. If
anyone can pass on their experience with these units, or other
similarly ones, I would appreciate it. As always, thanks. Rob

Rob Meixner

I have the PEPE 301-00 ring stock bending set. I use it almost daily
in my repair work. I find it very easy to use, and have a hard time
believing that I worked without something so effective for decades.

I use a bow closing pliers for bending stock as well as closing
rings. That stock bender looks like another space occupier I would
never get out and change dies to use when I can just grab some
pliers. I glue leather to the jaws. If you need to bend right near
the end of a straight piece of stock I have another ring bending
pliers that does that. If the stock is thick I hit the pliers closed
on my steel block with a hammer. So far the stock has bent %100 of
the time. SD. There is supposed to be a pic added but it doesn’t look
like it is working. We’ll see.

I have an old one purchased from Swest, it’s probably similar in
construction to the Pepe. Love it, use it all the time. Nothing
better to make straight, even bends in heavy stock, especially for
shanks and bands.

Dave Phelps