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Ringsizing;dovetail vs butt

I have done it both ways, also. I learned first to do butt joints
and later the dovetail. I stick with dovetail because I frequently
will get the same ring again for re-sizing (I am at a chain store)
and the dovetail will not "blow out " on you when you put heat on it
again. It is easier to keep the shank thick when you clean up, too. I
am very busy and can’t take alot of time per ring so I have found a
fast way to work.I cut the piece to add, hold it in curved hemostats
and use a separating disc to quickly cut the “V” on each end, slip it
in the ring and solder. I did a check the other day just because and
found it takes me an average of 7.5 minutes per sizing, start to
finish including polishing and logging. That day I did not hurry,
either. I hate to hurry! I hope others respond to this. I think it
would be interesting to see if we work about the same rate of speed.
Patty in Missouri

Patty, I would never question your ability to do a sizing in under 10
minutes or that you do it well.

But, I have seen too many ‘sizing while you wait’ jobs that would
never leave my shop! Bad solder joints, poorly sculpted shanks,
filing marks, etc are all too common. I admit that profit from
sizing is not my goal (I’m retired with a nice pension) but
everything must be just right on such such a job before I release it.
If a sizing takes 30 minutes…so be it.

Sorry…just my view.

Cheers from Don at The Charles Belle Studio where simple elegance IS
fine jewelry! @coralnut