Ringsize before casting & sanding

Hey guys!

I were wondering since I always grind and clean up inside the ring-shank after I cast to make it smooth… Is there like an “average” of say xx.xx mm you grind of in the procedure?

An exmaple, if i want a ring to be 19.50 mm internal diameter… Should I then on purpose make and design the diameter a bit smaller, perhaps 19.10 mm, because 0.40 mm is grinded / buffed / polished away in the process.

Havent really had major fitting issues, but perhaps others have come across the same thoughts before?

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You are taking about what size to make the wax before casting?

Hey! Yes exactly, sorry if it were a bit cryptic written! Thinking in the initial WAX or CAD designing phase!

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I deal with this a lot.
When I carve a wax, I make the finger size the correct size, or just a little bit bigger for gold or silver. When it’s going to be cast in platinum I make the wax at least a quarter size larger than the actual finish size. Platinum always comes out with a smaller finger size. Sometimes I have to grind out a half to 3/4 of a size to get back to the right size for platinum. So that’s why I make it larger.