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Rings and silver sheet

I’m brand new to the jewelry craft/industry. My question is what is the recommended gauge for the silver sheet, recommended for rings?


I don’t know as there is a recommended gauge. There are a lot of variables such as design, how wide it will be, does the design include a stone and bezel. The one thing that you do have to worry about is safety. It has to be thick enough to withstand being worn and the possibility that an accident might pinch the ring on the finger on which it is worn. 18 gauge is the thinnest that I would use for a band…Rob

Thank you Rob…

i think i would venture to say… i would try 12g (2.06mm) for thicker shanks, and 14g (1 .60mm) for thinner shanks

(i usually make and use 1.50mm - 1.80mm)…


hi again!

one way to learn about measurements is to measure jewelry you already have…if you dont have any, you can buy inexpensive costume jewelry to measure…or measure friends jewelry!

you did not specify if you were considering womens or mens jewelry…specs may differ…

measure shank thicknesses and widths…prong thicknesses…stone height above finger hole…total top width and length…look at scale for jumpring and bails as compared to the pendant size. etc…how do they feel on the hand/ wrist/ neck, etc…

comsider what you learn…think about what you prefer

get a good digital caliper and measure everything…after awhile you will figure out what works best for you…