Ring weight confirmation program

Dear All,

This is a small program. For all of you who receives orders for
multiple sizes in different quantities it gives real results for
orders confirmations.


  1. With his small program where you can see the average size and
    weight for spread in sizes versus quantities for each size.

  2. Input from the order: style #,Gold Karat, size and
    weight, how many rings ordered per each size.

  3. Look at the bottom and see what is the average size and weight.
    It will show the results instantaneously.

  4. File should be saved with style # as the name. They can be
    retrieved later and used for next quote by changing Kt, quantities in

Thank You and kind regards,
Joel Z. Fain

Dear Joel,

Went through the mail, and found your link very useful, only one
clarification "definition or pictorial explanation of the term “Head
to Shank Ratio”