Ring Tension Mount

I have a couple of ring designs that call for a “floating” stone
that I think technically is called a tension mount. I have attempted
to recreate the wheel and have broken two stones in my attempts. I
can find no articles or books that discuss how to design and mount
the stones in a tension mount (I don’t even know if this is the best
term to apply here). Obviously, I need some help. Does anyone know
of written on this subject or can you direct me to some
assistance. I have zero experience here. thanks.

Michael Stephens
Silver and Bold

Hi there

Here is an interesting site that may be of use to you.


I trained with a guy who did tension setting but it was “secret”…so
I can’t tell you about that. I’m sure these orchidians will come up
with the goods though!


I trained with a guy who did tension setting but it was
"secret"...so I can't tell you about that 

I gather the secret is largely in what metal is used. I’ve tried it
before with bad results, ultimately. I don’t want to tell anybody
what to do, but I just won’t do them ever. I also think they’re an
inherently dumb idea, though granted the look great, but that’s just
the jeweler in me thinking that a $10,000 stone should have more than
a prayer holding it. If you do them, you MUST guarantee lost stones -
you don’t really have a choice, you can either offer it, or they’ll
sue you.