Ring sizing;dovetail vs butt

Hi Don and Patty too! I took notice of Patty’s comment about a 10
minute sizing job and stopped to think about how long it takes me. I
once clocked a typical sizing at 12 minutes start to steam-off. It
depends on the sizing, of course, but I don’t think a good trade
jeweler would have much trouble doing a good job in 10 minutes,
especially with all the right sizing stock, a few specialized pieces
of equipment, and a good system. For what I’m charging my accounts,
I’d have to be able work about that quickly to make it. One does
get pretty quick without sacrificing quality with a lot of practice.
You can’t go faster than you can do good work, or it comes back to
you and then you really start to lose money (doing it twice for a
single charge).

David L. Huffman