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Ring Sizing 101


Was: Ring sizes

Ring sizing is one of the most basic things I do. How do you do
it? Let's say you are sizing a 14K yellow gold ring down from a
size 6 to a 5.
Let's say that it has a single diamond, one-half carat round, as
in an engagement ring. OK, I would cut one size out of the clean
ring, pull the joint together, boric acid powder and alcohol all of
ring, light it, flux joint and pull a small piece of 14K yellow
hard solder through the joint with torch. Pulling the solder from
inside the shank to the outside. 
Clean ring, round it, file, and polish. 

I suspect that there are a dozen or more ways to accomplish the same
thing…So, how do you do it

Thanks in advance.

Dale Pavatte
Diamonds For You, Decherd, Tennessee