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Ring Sizes


Hi All,

What rings sizes are most common for women, men, and children? I.E.,
in order to minimize resizing, what would be the best range of sizes
to offer?



Cynthia; The industry standard for ring sizes in stores ( I did
repair work for jewelry stores for almost 20 years) seems to be 5 1/2
to 6 1/2 for women and 9 to 10 for men. Depending on the manufacturer
and how many times the piece has been knocked off. I usually make my
larger womens rings( those with big stones or large volume of gold) a
6 1/2 to a 7 the smaller one I make a 6 or 6 1/2. Gents are usually
a 10… Hope this helps, just my observations. Frank Goss


I’ve been asked to produce a wax model of a size 17 (US/Canada)
ring. So far I’ve had no luck searching my files or the web for an
actual diameter. All tables I’ve seen go up to size 12 or 15. I can
only assume that as full sizes appear to increase in units of 1/32"
(0.79 mm) in diameter, a size 17 would be 1" diameter, or 25.4 mm.
Could someone please confirm this or advise Cheers from Canada Richard
Dubiel Dubiel Design Studio @Dubiel_Design_Studio


You are correct. I would recommend "The Jeweler’s Bench Reference"
by Harold O’Connor. He has some usful tables. Page11 has a table of
ring blanks which goes only to size 13 (people were samller then) but
by extrapolation you can come up with any size. Kevin Kelly


Richard, Rio Has a mandrel that goes from 16 - 20 it is their model
112-034 Also I would send the client a simple sterling band ring made
to the size you think it is and make sure you have the right size.
This is without a doubt the biggest problem I have with working with
remote clients is getting the right ring size. We always send finger
gages to verify size and on rings that are difficult to resize
(stones etc) we make a sterling mockup to verify fit this way we
have less trouble with the wrong size.



I have ring-sizers and mandrel for the occasionaly large fingered
customer. I just wrapped a piece of paper around my large mandrel and
it measures 81 mm or 3 and 7/16 inches (that does not allow for the
thickness of the ring stock. I measured the inside diameter of a
size 17 ring on my ring-sizers and it is 1 inch or 25.4 mm in

Hope this helps…
Rick Copeland
Silversmith and Lapidary Artisan
Colorado Springs, Colorado