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Ring removal tool experience

Has anyone tried the ring removal tool, Ring Rescue:

I see quite a few rings coming into my shop that have been severely damaged by stores, customers themselves, or by medical staff in ERs or ambulances EMTs, trying to save a finger by sacrificing the ring.

I really would not need this tool in my shop, as I do not deal with retail customers.
I would though, love to know whether or not to recommend this tool to my retail store clientele.

If this tool works as described it could possibly even be used to remove the tungsten carbide type “jewelry” that normal ring cutting blades cannot touch.
This is purely curiosity on my part at this time, and this tool is costly enough to make one cautious about recommending it.

Never tried it, looks like the same principle as winding string snugly around the finger to compress it. I’ve done that. Used dental tape. Works and cheap.

These days I very seldom have any need to remove rings, but i deal with folks who do.
I am generally successful with just Windex, but I have used the string method.
I am often asked for advice, and this device might work for EMT or ER staff.