Ring Re-Mount In Palladium?

Hi everyone,

I have a ring that I would like to re-mount in a different metal -
preferably palladium. I believe that it is currently made of some
silver alloy which reacts badly with my skin. However, that still
didn’t convince me to stop wearing the ring until the band broke
through at the back.

The ring has some sentimental value (it was given to me) and I would
like to maintain the design and stones from it. I think that they
are probably garnets -they are somewhat scuffed up on the front

What I would really like to be able to do is to have it re-mounted
in an exotic metal such as palladium. I know palladium was used in
jewelry-making in the 40’s instead of platinum so I know this plan
feasible. So far when I have approached local jewelers, they
haven’t been able to tell me anything more about palladium nor do
they work with it. This is why I’ve decided to post in this forum.

First of all, I would like to know if re-mounting the ring in
palladium is a good choice for something that I will wear everyday.
Will it last/ scuff up easily? What kind of palladium purities are
there and which would be better for this application? How do I find a
someone who can do this work and know that they will do a good job
of it? Approximate cost? Is it better to re-use the current stones
and re-mount or commission a new work? Is there anything else I
should know?

Mona Boucher

I have one customer I made a palladium ring for and he has worn it
for quite a few years with minimal (if any) problems. All metals
scratch and “scuff up” over a period of time–it doesn’t matter which
one, unless perhaps you use a hardened steel. I personally used pure
palladium. Palladium is going to be priced in the same ballpark as
platinum. If you are emotionally attached to the stones you have you
should reuse them. Obviously new ones will look better.

Daniel R. Spirer, GG
Spirer Somes Jewelers
1794 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02140

Why would a palladium ring be priced similar to platinum? Spot
price: [Kitco] 4-16-03; platinum $628/oz. ; palladium $158/oz.

Mark Thomas Ruby
SunSpirit Designs
Loveland, CO

Oops, my bad. I hadn’t checked the price in awhile. For a little
bit there it had skyrocketed in price. Apparently it has come back
down. Daniel R. Spirer, GG