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Ring making books and videos?


I need resources (books, video’s, whatever) on ring making (not jump
rings) that doesn’t involve casting. Is there anything available?
I’ve been searching and haven’t turned up much yet.

I don’t have time for classes (I have a day job, and a family) the
traditional way at the moment.

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Ring making is simply applying basic jewelry making skills to form
something you can wear on a finger. Learn to saw, file, solder,bend,
forge, etc. etc. etc. And you can make a ring. A text I often
recommend to someone who wishes to learn these skills and techniques
is “Indian Jewelry Making” by Oscar T Branson. There are two
volumes and they are profusely illustrated and cover the making of
all sorts of Southwest American indian jewelry in a simple step by
step presentation. Beyond that, just about any book on jewelry making
will cover rings. The main this is to learn the basics, and I know
of no better book than Indian Jewelry Making to help someone teach

Best of luck.
Jerry in Kodiak

Indian Jewelry Making
By Branson
I need resources (books, video's, whatever) on ring making (not
jump rings) that doesn't involve casting. Is there anything

Hello Craig,

The following books offer a lot of good ideas and on
fabrication techniques as, or in part, applied to ring making:

The Alan Revere book is exceptionally good for fabrication techniques
applied to all forms of jewelry making, it’s virtually a jewelry
course in a book with great step-by-step pictures. Any beginning to
intermediate jewelry maker would learn a lot from this one. I know I
did … still am. Of the group I think you’d find the Jinks McGrath
book the most focused on your particular interests.

Trevor F.
in The City of Light

Alan Revere has written a number of books and produced two series of
videos on fabricating metal. I believe they are some of the best
available. I have his first series of his videos (14 total) that
I’ve decided to sell (very reasonably).

Please contact me privately if you are interested.

-Barbra Voltaire

There’s an excellent text called “The Rings Book” by Jinks McGrath.
It wa put out by Krause Publications, It depicts a lot of
construction methods that don’t require casting.

The Rings Book (Jewelry Handbooks) By Jinks McGrath

Price: $16.47

Media: Paperback
Manufacturer: Krause Publications
Release data: 01 January, 2003