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Ring design blanks

Many years ago I was living in a small coastal village in the north
of Peru and commissioned a ring in 18k gold from a local goldsmith.
He lived and worked in a very simple wooden shack and used the most
primitive of tools to create a beautiful ring which, sadly is no
longer in my possession. The ring design was similar in shape to a
graduation ring, the type one would normally make by casting with
wax. This local goldsmith, however had an old dog-eared catalogue of
sorts in which one could select from a variety of ring designs. At
the back of the catalogue, in the index section were several pages of
corresponding design blanks from which the goldsmith could select.
Each design blank had options for different ring sizes. I would
really like to find a collection of those design blanks and wonder if
anyone in the Orchid community is familiar with that particular ring
making technique, and if so would they be willing to share the
I have posted more and a diagram (of sorts)
on my (very primitive) Blog page, if anyone should care to see what I
am talking about.

John Bowling