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Richard B. Elkin - Jewelry Gallery


I am an object maker because of the transformation and synthesis that occurs in the creative imperative through the process of concretization of a concept/idea. The technical challenge of utilizing seemingly disparate and juxtaposed textures and colors to create tension, contrast and a visual focal point are the techniques I employ in forming a piece. My current body of work is drawn from impressions of personal adornment from the archaeological record. Items unearthed, perhaps a gemstone sparkles from a long forgotten silver or gold hand-forged setting. My work is influenced by the philosophical underpinnings of Wabi-Sabi that embody the dualistic and rustic nature of accidental beauty. I seek to work in tandem with my materials evoking forms that are at once surprising yet familiar; rustic yet refined; accidental yet functionally appropriate for personal adornment. It is my hope that the objects I create stand to function perfectly as personal adornment offering the wearer a memento of perhaps an ancient thread but also exist as objects of fascination and desire on their own.












Ocatillo bones ring

sterling, blackened, checkerboard cut garnet, light brown diamonds.


Wave Pendant

Carved gem silica, 22k & 14k yellow gold, diamonds.


Textured gold disc pendant

14k, 22k and raw diamond cubes


Target Practice pendant

sterling, blackened, diamonds, sapphire, 14k gold