Rich yellow alloy in 14ky?

Hello and thanks to all that respond, I alloy all my metals from 24k,
and am searching the forum for those who do the same. Particularly
trying to get the richest deep yellow color in 14 and 18k. Guess
everyone want that, but never seen a post regarding it, so an advise
and help will be appreciated .Any refiners that sell a mixed alloy
for this? Or should I make my own? Thomas Blair

The eternal quest for the deepest colors in yellow gold… :slight_smile:

I think Hauser and Miller makes the richest 18K gold alloy, but it’s
a little hard to torch melt (porosity/sparking issue), you’d be
better off using resistance or induction melting. I haven’t tried
their 14k, but it’s probably just as good.

AAA Precious Metals in Portland, OR makes a wonderful 14K alloy,
very rich. I think they’re just using cu,ag,zn in the alloy and you
could probably do the same with a bit of experimentation. Just the
same, their (I think) #34 alloy is the cat’s meow, the bee’s knees…

If you run across the ideal alloy recipe, maybe you’ll share it.

Best of luck
Jeffrey Everett

We specialize in alloys and custom blends for gold. Could you define
"rich" yellow for me? Rich meaning a darker/redder look or a
lighter/greener (high silver) alloy? We have them all, or you could
send a sample for comparison.

Daniel Ballard
Precious Metals West


Currently Rio Grande does carry a 3N rich yellow alloy, which is the
richest yellow I have run across. These are premium alloys with a
uniform grain size and excellent working properties. There are
specific alloys for either open or closed systems and each has its
own specific working properties.

The 3N color is the CIELAB co-ordinates which are measured with a
color spectrophotometer. These are objective measurements of color
which describe the shift in color from green to red, a color shift
from blue to yellow tone, and a shift from black to white
(brightness). The 3N alloys give the brightest, richest yellow color
possible while still having excellent working properties.

We have both alloys for 10-14K and 18K. If you have specific
requirements or applications, I can try to assist you further in the
selection of the right alloy for your needs. The new Rio Grande,
Gems and Findings catalog has some very basic on the new
alloys, but if you need further assistance on them I have some more
technical data which could be of use to you. These new alloys are
cutting edge in the industry. I am confident that you would be quite
satisfied with the color.

I hope this helps.
Phillip Scott G.G.
Technical Support & Sales
Rio Grande