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Rhodium plating 999 fine silver

I’m wondering if it’s possible to rhodium-plate an object that is made entirely of 999 fine silver and thereby produce an item that would never tarnish. My understanding is that both Argentium and 999 fine eventually tarnish. Thanks!

To plate silver, they have to first plate it with Nickel, then Rhodium. It does wear away pretty quick as well. So that’s bad for anyone with a nickel alllergy. Almost every metal you choose will naturally patina, or tarnish over time.

My (very limited) understanding was that nickel was needed to seal the copper component of .925 sterling…so if there were no copper, there’d be no need for nickel. The role of rhodium would then be to prevent the formation of the silver sulphide that forms on all silver. Are there metallurgists here who could clarify? Thanks!