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Rhodium and silver reaction

Hello maverick,

It is strange but I had once a silver sheet with turns also finger
green with some people. I still do not know what the reactive material
compound in the silver caused this reaction. Even my supplier analysed
this sheet and did not found anything different. than the usual
sheets. Maybe some one out there in Orchid land can explain me what
can cause this extra reaction. (pickle, cleaning, pollishing,

But to come back on your question about the Rhodium. A rhodium layer
cures your problem, but I think they charge to much, First you never
ask for it and further on they should do it without any profit. When I
had this green fingers problem with some rings, it never cost me more
than 35 guilders to get the ring coated with rhodium. This should be
in pounds approx. 10 pounds. I think they should not charge you more.

Martin Niemeijer