Rhino tutorials for beginners

Hi Orchidians,

Has anyone tried out the rhino tutorials for jewelry? I have just
download the evaluation version and i can’t have specific tutorials
for jeweler beginners.(something like a ring or earings… instead of
ot a car…) Could you please send me 1 or 2 pdt tutorials.

That would be kind.
Helen Mary

Hi Helen,

There seems to be little out there for rhino, so I have decided to
write two tutorials a week. I have posted one on my web site (simple
4 claw peg setting) The tutorials are designed to introduce you to
some of the important commands in rhino. If you have a wish list
drop me a line and I shall try and help.


Hi Helen

If you are just starting to work with rhino don’t be reluctant to
try some tutorials that are not jewelry related.

The trick to learning how to use rhino is to understand how to
accurately create basic forms that are “VALID” polysurfaces and
solids. The advantage to working with the basic tutorials is that you
can focus on the technique rather than the object. This is important
because you can build something in rhino that looks great but may be
unusable for rapid prototyping.

You may also want the check out the book titled “Inside Rhinoceros3”
by Ron K.C. Cheng.

INSIDE Rhinoceros 3
By Ron K.C. Cheng

Price: $39.57

Media: Paperback
Manufacturer : OnWord Press (Acquired Titles)
Release data : 05 August, 2003

Ted Curtis

Theodore, Thanks for this advice. You are true, I will do the
general tutorials on the (Rhino) website.

Do you work with Rhino? or/and others programs? I was told that it is
the best solution for beginers, and the most used software in the
jewelry industry. Is that true?

Cheers Helen

I noticed someone encouraging a newbie to Rhino 3D to use tutorials.
I would encourage the same. I learned many proper skills and concepts
by following the tutorials included with Rhino 2.0 and some found on
the net. Here are a few links to tutorials on the net:




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Sterling VanDerwerker

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Hi all, Just to let you know I have moved the tutorials to an ad free
site www.cadwax.com

I have also included a gallery to inspire, I hope.

The Tutorials are now in there own section, that you
can pick and choose from. I am still here to help if you have any
queries and will continue to add more tutorials every day. If you
have any suggestions then please let me know.

All your feed back is very helpful and goes towards improving the
web site/tutorials.

Please keep them coming,
Kind Regards,
Keith Reffell FGA