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Rhino courses

I’ve been working with rhino for a few months and really love it. I
need some help though. Basically I’ve read the book (cover to cover),
completed all the tutorials and have made 3 rings. I’ve got a long
way to go though to get proficient.

I just finished a design and it’s being milled tonight for the
client to show his customer tomorrow. That’s really exciting!

I was looking at the online list of training sites and courses and
was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or critique of the
training offered. Of course the jewelry specific sites are all pretty
far from me (Central NC) but I’d be happy to travel if it’s a good

I saw one course that is has customized format, but it’s almost
twice as much as one of the other more generic classes. Anyone have
any experience with that kind of class? I also wouldn’t mind trying
the FIT courses.

Anyone use the techgem plug-in for rhino? Several places teach that,
too. Is it useful for design, or is it more for rendering and
finishing? While I like the idea of showing a client what something
would look like with pave set stones, I’m more likely to just create
an area for the stones and cut the pave by hand the old fashioned
way. So if techgem is really better suited for rendering, I probably
wouldn’t use it.

Thanks for the help,