Rhino CAD Tutorials

i only know of the free tutorials on Rhino. does anyone know of any
other sites with free or paid tutorials for rhino? is this basicly
the only way to learn how to create jewelry with the cad?


Hi Matthew,

Concerning Rhino, McNeel will sell you the two workbooks that guide
you through most of the Rhino tools. Be aware that these workbooks
(and the Rhino classes themselves) are NOT about making jewelry, but
are to just teach you what the tools do and how to use them to
create various lines, curves, surfaces and solids and how to modify
them as necessary to create just about any object you would like. It
is rather difficult to do from just tutorials, as there is no
feedback/interaction with the instructor or other students.

Rhino’s User Group is a terrific aid to those who are learning or
using the software, and there are some contributors there who offer
their own tutorials on many subjects. Additionally, there are
instructors available in many parts of the country that can teach
you how to use Rhino for making jewelry. I can direct you, if you
e-mail me off-list. Of course, if you purchase a jewelry-specific CAD
program such as Matrix or ArtCam Jewelry Edition, classroom training
is available form th creators of those programs, often in different
areas of the country. The introductory training is usually about
four days and will get you started. Just as with any other skill,
CAD requires a serious investment of time and money, don’t be misled
into thinking otherwise. I was deeply involved in the beta testing
for Rhino and Matrix, and use those programs still. In earlier days,
I would recommend the jewelry-specific programs for jewelers, but
things have changed and the cost differential between Rhino and the
others, coupled with the advances made in Rhino now make the choice
more dependent on other realities. I know many, many designers who
are successfully using just Rhino. Matrix is, in fact, a plug-in for
Rhino and is Rhino dependant. Are there differences? Yes! Are the
differences worth the extra $5500.00? Only you can decide. Because
Rhino’s upgrade timing is not certain, Matrix upgrades are stalled
for now. I have heard there will be no Matrix upgrade until 2007.

Best wishes,
Wayne Emery
@Wayne_Emery1 that’s wayne
(underscore) emery

I’ll be teaching a two-day workshop on Rhino for jewelers at
Metalwerx (near Boston) in the Spring. Also, the Rhino website has a
newsgroup (under the support section) which is really great if you
have specific issues.


Check out Cadwax.com. Kieth has like 24 free jewelry tuts to get you
started. He also sells others. I have no experience with any of his
pay to use tuts.

As Wayne mentioned, Rhino isn’t teh only CAD program out there that
people are using to create jewelry, but its certainly one of teh
cheapest (especially if you are a student) I personally prefer ArtCAM
JS, but I also use rhino now and again. I find teh two compliment
each other nicely.

Good luck, and search through the Orchid archives, this is a
frequently reocurring thread.


Regarding Rhino

The New Approach School has a one week Rhino training program
scheduled for sometime in May I believe. It’s well work it. It’s
jewelry oriented, hands on, from beginner to advanced.

Rhino CAD Tutorials / CNC Milling

I’ve written a step by step tutorial on the design of a signet ring.
It covers some advanced drawing and surface modeling techniques, but
a beginner to Rhino might find it useful. Send an email address and
I’ll forward it.

Using a Modelmaster CNC 1000 desktop micro-mill, things like surface
smoothness and general “millablity” aren’t issues, although they are
dependent on the skill of the operator (me) :wink: and the geometric
viability of the CAD file. I often point out troublesome areas and
can suggest modifications to the Rhino model to insure that the wax
will produce a casting that’s true to your original design concept.

I can also provide 1-on -1 live Rhino or Flamingo training using
Go-To-My-PC. Some renderings are on

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Jesse Kaufman
CAD-CAM Technology
Handcrafted Originality

if you want to learn rhino there is a great 2 cd rom set available
through a guy named Brian Hull.

Online Software Certification Courses | VTC.com Training programs it is an excellent walk
through of rhino. he is talking while he is showing you how to do
the modeling. anyone that thinks they want to learn cad show buy his
cd. this is the best way i have seen to learn it from the beginning.
also http://www.cadwax.com is a great site for cad tutorials.