Rey vac u cast question

Hey I acquired this machine and I wonder if anything is supposed to
be connected to this fixture, see attached images. Thanks!!

Hi David,

That’s the exhaust from the pump. No need to put anything on it. It
will be dumping a fair bit of oil mist all over the guts of your
machine, so if you value cleanliness, you might want to put a big,
wide hose on it, leading out of the cabinet to some convenient spot.
Use big diameter (1"-ish) hose, so you don’t cause back pressure.
But the oil mist will end up somewhere. The only thing the hose does
is let you decide where. They do make oil trap filters, but they’re
expensive, and probably not worth the bother for something like a




That looks like the exhaust port. When you turn it on if there is
sir being blown out of the brass fitting, that is what it is.

I have a similar exhaust on my vacuum casting unit.

The hose runs from the vacuum unit to the exhaust hood next to it
which contains the kiln.

The hose runs from the back of the rubber pad, up the wall, and into
the top of the hood near the exhaust.

When I am casting the hood is already on to exhaust the kiln. When I
vacuum a flask I do have to remember to throw the switch to turn the
hood on, but I mix my investment under the hood so it is usually on
then as well. When the vacuum is fully engaged, you can watch the
slug of vapor move through the hose to the hood. The radiator clamp
on the exhaust port of the vacuum end is not tight, it just keeps it
from popping off, when I had it too tight the vacuum would get vapor
lock. Hope this helps.

Be well,